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Monthly/Recurring Services

Accounting Services

Accountant on Demand Services


  This is an as needed (non recurring) service, great for special projects.  You may choose for one of the following services:


     -Bookkeeping Training - Do you or a team member handle your business' bookkeeping, but training is needed?

       Training can cover specific topics or general bookkeeping.  

      (Priced at $150 for 2 hours of training)

     -QuickBooks Set Up and Training - Ready to utilize QuickBooks in your business?  We'll get you set up and trained AND we               offer 3 months of support.

       (Priced at $300 for 4 hours of training)

     -Books Catch Up/Clean Up - If your books are behind or a bit messy, this service will get your books in order.  

      (Price starting at $50 per month)

     -Business Health Check - Is your business financially healthy?  Your financial statements will be assessed, then a findgin report               will be sent to you, followed by strategies for improvement

       (Priced at $300)


     -Creating Financial Report(s) - Are you applying for a grant, loan, line of credit, etc. but have no financial reports?  We will general 

       these reports for you

       (Price starting at $150)


     -Books Review - This service acts as a second pair of eyes on your books.  An assessment of accuracy will take place and                           strategies will be offered, if needed

       (Price starting at $150)


CFO Services

  Our CFO services are offered as an as needed service.  For this service, your bookkeeping MUST be in order.  You may choose from one of the following services: 

     -Cashflow Management Optimization - This service explores strategies to effectively manage cashflow.  After your                               assessment, we will discuss in depth strategies for improving working capital, optimizing billing and payment processes,               and maximizing cash inflow

      -Financial Analysis and Performance Evaluation - After the in depth analysis, we will discuss ways to improve your financial              health as well as business performance

      -Strategic Planning and Goal Alignment - We will align your financial strategies with overall business goals and objectives by

        implementing financial plans, budgets and performance targets.  If you have no strategic plan in place, we can help you                  create one

      -Cost Reduction and Profitability Analysis - We explore cost-saving opportunities, improve profitability, strategies for                         optimizing expenses, managing overhead costs, and enhancing operational efficiency

      -Revenue Growth and Pricing Strategies - We will explore and identify revenue growth opportunities through pricing                        strategies, product/service mix optimization, and customer segmentation to maximize revenue potential

         (The price for each starts at $500 for revenue less than $250k; $1,000 for revenue between $250k - $500k; $1,500 for                           revenue between $500k - $750k; $2,000 for revenue between $750k - $1 million)

Tax Preparation Services

     -Individual Tax Returns - Start at $225

     -Sole Proprietor/LLC Returns - Start at $300

     -Partnership Returns - Start at $400

     -S-Corp Returns - Start at $350

Financial Rehab


     This service is 360 Financial Solution for your personal and business finances.  This option includes books clean up, business                financial plan, accounting systems implementation, workflow implementation, personal spending plan. debt repayment                      plan and tax strategy

     (Price starts at $2,000)

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