I love to help people; I am a nurturer by nature. But what really excites me, is seeing other people succeed, especially those who are perceived as “the underdog”. The underprivileged people who come from single parent households, people who are raising kids in a single parent household, kids who are growing up without learning the proper financial tools to succeed….those are the people I MUST make an impact on in order for me to feel successful. Successful, not in the terms of money, but in terms of personal fulfillment.

As a single parent, I know the struggle is real and I understand how difficult life can be. I remember days where $5.00 could make or break you. I remember barely making minimal wage, catching two buses to get back and forth to work, living in vermin filled, low income housing complex struggling to make ends meet.

Back then, I had no budget, no discipline and as quickly as I was getting paid, the money was out of my hands. I grew tired of finding myself in terrible financial positions. Since I wasn’t in the position to earn more money (I hadn’t yet earned my degree), I knew I had to control the money I had coming in.

I have come such a long way, but this is not the end of my journey, so I am going to continue to climb and I AM GOING TO LIFT AS I CLIMB.

There are so many agencies I would LOVE to work with to teach financial literacy, be a coach and assist people with making budgets. When you know someone has walked in your shoes, it is easier to receive advice from them. By no means am I saying budgeting alone is the key to financial success, but I believe budgeting and discipline is a strong foundation. Investing, ownership and everything else will come in time.

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