Huge Financial Plan for 2021

I have finally completed my budget for 2021!!!

After crunching numbers, I discovered that my family of 5 (myself and my 4 children) can live off of 60% of my monthly employment income (I did not factor in any potential income from my business).

Keep in mind, that 60% includes ALL NECESSITIES (rent, utilities, car note, insurance, gas, groceries, savings, etc). As for the remaining 40%... it will be put towards extra car note payments, random expenses (there is always some random expenses with 4 kids) and whatever is left will go in my savings account.

LISTEN!!! 2021 will be a year of change and focus for me. My tunnel vision is in full affect. If this type of plan is achievable for a single mom of 4, then it can be achievable for anyone.

If you're ready to set up a game plan for your finances, contact me! Or purchase my Making Cents planner on my website:

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