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Accountant on Demand

The Accountant on Demand service is designed for businesses that are not a monthly client of Sheffield A&F services.  If you or a team member handles your books, but you need additional assistance, these services are for you.  If you would like to learn more about the services listed below, schedule a Bookkeeping/Accounting Consultation through the Book Online tab.

Cash Flow & Expense Audit

Is your profit not where you want it to be?  Do you have revenue coming in but your bank account does not reflect this amount?  This service si your for you.  An assessment will take place followed by a "findings report" and strategies to implement for improvement.

QuickBooks Set Up

Ready to utilize QuickBooks in your business?  This service includes set up and training if needed.

Books Catch Up/Clean Up

If your books are behind or if they are a bit messy, this service is designed for that.  Your books will be brought up to date or be cleaned up.

Creating Financial Report

Applying for a grant, loan, line of credit, etc. but have no financial statements?  Financial reports can be generated and issued to you.

Bookkeeping Training

Do you or a team member handle your bookkeeping, but training is needed? Training can cover specific topics or general bookkeeping.

Internal Controls Set Up/Audit

Are you and/or your team winging it in terms of your Accounting Department?  Are there no procedures or workflow in place?  This service will assist you with that.  An assessment will take place, followed by a findings report and strategies for improvement.

Business Health Check

Is your business financially healthy?  If you do not know the answer to that, this service is for you.  Your financial statements, debt, etc will be assessed followed by a finding report and strategies for improvement.

Books Review

This service acts as a second pair of eyes on your books.  An assessment of accuracy will take place and strategies will be offered, if needed.

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